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Studying For Continuing Professional Development In Health

RRP $257.99

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Becoming a student again can be a daunting prospect, particularly if it has been a while. Written specifically for health care professionals undertaking continuing professional development and for those starting a health care degree, this book covers the key skills that underpin effective study, including time management, writing drafts and seeking feedback.

With three student case studies based in health care settings to illustrate examples, the book shows how experience can aid learning and how learning can be used to improve practice in the workplace. The book covers the vital issues that students will face including chapters on:

    • preparing to study - which includes help on choosing a course, negotiating your study needs with family and friends, developing a study time table and organising your place of study

    • study management and learning - how we can choose the ways in which we learn using different strategies and resources depending on what we want to achieve

    • study skills - focussing on the key elements of studying: writing assignments; preparing for exams; learning online; working online and working in groups. The book discusses how to undertake successful university study.

Studying for Continuing Professional Development in Health is a highly practical text, which will be an invaluable resource for health professionals entering higher education for the first time or returning after a long break.

The Professional Practice Of Architectural Working Drawings

RRP $284.99

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The detailed, highly illustrated, comprehensive guide to architectural working drawings

The Professional Practice of Architectural Working Drawings is a complete guide to the skills you need to create a set of drawings that clearly and effectively communicate your design. Covering everything from site, floor, framing, and foundation plans to building sections and elevations, this book presents crucial concepts and real-world techniques architects rely on every day. You'll learn the standards, customs, regulations, and symbols, alongside computer-generated drawings, 3D modeling, Building Information Modeling, and other architectural technology. This new fifth edition includes updated information on sustainability concepts, layering systems in line with AIA standards, deeper explorations of dimensioning, more sample ADA drawings, and a new selection of case studies that offer a real-world glimpse into how these topics relate to the architect's everyday work. Hundreds of drawings demonstrate important skills and concepts, and online ancillary materials offer a robust set of resources to students and instructors.

Architectural drawings must be precise, accurate, and complete; they must follow certain standards that make them universally understood in the proper context. This book teaches you how to produce professional-level drawings that leave no room for questions or confusion.

  • Create architectural drawings that effectively communicate your design
  • Learn techniques used in both residential and light commercial projects
  • Investigate BIM, 3D modeling, and other architectural technologies
  • Understand dimensioning, sustainability, ADA standards, and more

Architects use drawings as a second language, to effectively communicate ideas to clients, contractors, builders, and other design professionals throughout all stages of the project.The Professional Practice of Architectural Working Drawings teaches you how to become fluent in the visual language of architecture, to communicate more effectively with all project stakeholders.

The Professional Counseling

RRP $224.95

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For courses in Counseling Interventions; Counseling Process; and Introduction to Counseling.


Practical with a wealth of examples, this text shows readers to how to be effective counselors in each aspect of the counseling process.

The Professional Counselor is organized, first and foremost, around the process of counseling–from the first session through termination. Individual chapters look at assessment, at goal setting, at treatment planning, and, finally, at termination. One of the key features that sets this text apart from a standard counseling process text is that it also examines and presents interventions from theoretical perspectives such as Affective Interventions, Cognitive Interventions, Behavioral Interventions, and Systemic Interventions (Chapters 8-11). As a result, interventions are presented not just as techniques, but they are rooted in theory and foundational theraputic perspectives.


From reviews of the text:


“[A] very clearly written text that the first-semester Master of Counseling students can easily grasp . . . . [C]hapters are structured in a manner that provides concreteness and continuity within the content. Therefore, it is easy to follow and understand for entry-level students.  The written language of the book is very clear. The content is supported by good examples that help with the comprehension . . . .  [T]he interventions (affective, cognitive, behavioral, and systemic) chapters are very well described.”

                —Gulsah Kemer, University of Arizona State University


“[Key strengths are:] The authors include the multicultural perspectives in many chapters. The structure and organization for each chapter are well planned. [And] the writing style is easy to understand for the readers.”

                —Yu-Fen Lin, University of North Texas Dallas


“[P]rovides the beginning counselor the opportunity for a comprehensive overview of the process of counseling while further delivering specific interventions and approaches (i.e. fundamental counseling skills) . . . . The key strengths of this text are the concise explanations of counseling concepts with practical clinical applications . . . .  [M]any of my students comment on how helpful the text is in understanding the concepts of counseling . . . .  This text is superior to others that I have used in that it explains practical applications of interventions and how to deliver those to the client.”

                —Oscar Sida, University of Nevada Las Vegas    


Also available with MyCounselingLab®

This title is also available with MyCounselingLab—an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to work with the text to engage students and improve results. Within its structured environment, students see key concepts demonstrated through video clips, practice what they learn, test their understanding, and receive feedback to guide their learning and ensure they master key learning outcomes.

Nonlinear Mechanics, Groups And Symmetry

RRP $931.99

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This unique monograph deals with the development of asymptotic methods of perturbation theory, making wide use of group- theoretical techniques. Various assumptions about specific group properties are investigated, and are shown to lead to modifications of existing methods, such as the Bogoliubov averaging method and the PoincarA(c)--Birkhoff normal form, as well as to the formulation of new ones. The development of normalization techniques of Lie groups is also treated. The wealth of examples demonstrates how these new group theoretical techniques can be applied to analyze specific problems. This book will be of interest to researchers and graduate students in the field of pure and applied mathematics, mechanics, physics, engineering, and biosciences.

The Guide To National Professional Certification Programs

RRP $378.99

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Professional certification is a growing trend as companies use it to recruit and train employees. The Guide to National Professional Certification Programs, Second Edition examines more than 600 certification programs in the following five major areas: Business and Finance; Insurance and Personal Finance; Real Estate and Property; Engineering and Science; Trade and Technical; and Medical and Fitness.
-- Broad coverage; other certification books cover a narrow range of programs
-- 600+ certification programs covered
-- Description of each program, including sponsoring agency
-- Certification and re-certification data
-- Requirements, including examinations and membership costs


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